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Pique Knit Fabric Textile

Durable, breathable, and uniquely textured, Pique Knit Fabric seamlessly blends comfort and style, ideal for activewear with easy maintenance.

  • Advantages of Pique Knit

    Pique knit fabric offers a myriad of advantages, making it a preferred choice for various applications. Its exceptional durability ensures resilience against frequent washing and extended use, guaranteeing a long-lasting garment. The fabric's unique texture and heathered look add a touch of sophistication to the aesthetic. Its breathability stands out, providing optimal comfort in warm weather by keeping the wearer cool. The stretchy and comfortable nature of pique knit makes it an ideal choice for activewear, offering flexibility without compromising style. Additionally, it excels at concealing sweat and perspiration stains, maintaining a clean appearance throughout wear. Notably easy to maintain, this fabric eliminates the need for ironing, further enhancing its convenience. With machine washability, dryer-friendly characteristics, and compatibility with steam pressing, pique knit fabric emerges as a versatile and practical choice for various garment needs.

    • Resistant to frequent washing
    • Breathable in warmth
    • Machine-washable, no ironing
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