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Brushed Fabric Textile

Brushed knit fabric, known for its intricate processing including dyeing, drawing, combing, and shearing, stands out in the textile world.

  • Advantages of Brushed Knit

    This fabric boasts significant advantages due to its complex manufacturing process. Firstly, its durability is a key feature, ensuring it withstands regular use without succumbing to hair loss or pilling. The brushing technique used on the reverse side, though sparse, is uniformly applied, enhancing the fabric's clear texture and superior elasticity. This results in a material that feels comfortable and smooth to the touch. Additionally, brushed knit fabric excels in providing warmth, making it an ideal choice for cold-weather clothing. Its versatility allows it to be effectively paired with various materials, such as combining polar fleece with denim or lamb fleece, which improves the overall use effect of the garments made from it.

    • Resists hair loss and pilling
    • Offers a uniformly brushed texture with better elasticity
    • Excellent for cold protection
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